Welcoming volunteer native English teacher

International Riding Camp, Summer Riding Camp for Girls and Boys Ages 12-16

THE INTERNATIONAL HORSEBACK RIDING CAMP welcoming a volunteer native English teacher to join our summer English camp at the horse riding ranch. You will be required to teach Russian-speaking children aged 12-16 y.o. (2 lessons a day) and to incorporate into games, songs, arts and crafts, team competition, sports and theatre into helping them learn English. Our aim at the camp is to provide a valuable, memorable and above all fun experience for the Belarusian children.

In exchange we offer you:
— Free full board (free lodging at the comfortable common house and free 3 meals a day)
— Free horse riding lessons once a day around the Ranch
— Ability to spend holidays enjoying salubrious climate, delicious Belarusian
cuisine, exploring the surrounding forests on a horse or by bicycle and making many new friends.
— Cross-cultural exchange of ideas, culture, customs, beliefs and values.

Our sessions are as follows (yearly):
1 session: 15/06 — 24/06
2 session: 27/06 — 06/07
3 session: 09/07 — 18/07
4 session: 21/07 — 30/07
5 session: 02/08 — 11/08
6 session: 16/08 — 25/08

• Native English speaker
• Degree CELTA or equivalent qualification
• Desire and genuine enthusiasm to work with children.

Хотите поработать волонтером с лошадьми? Есть такая возможность!
Приглашаем студентов-будущих ветеринаров, а также любителей верховой езды в возрасте от 18 лет в качестве помощников на нашем ранчо.

Любите заниматься верховой ездой, но нет своей лошади или средств для содержания? Мы предлагаем вам поработать волонтером на нашем ранчо. Взамен выделим вам понравившуюся лошадь, найдите с ней контакт и подружитесь. Верховая езда может быть бесплатна!

+375 29 555-95-12 (Витебск, viber, telegram) или Вконтакте.